6th Street Demolition

The camera never lies
For those who didn't know, 5 buildings along 6th came down. Gone are the Convenience Store on the corner(Green and 6th), an office building, Clybournes (sp), Firehaus and Campus Sportswear.


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Thanks for the photos. I used to work on the 6th floor of that building in the background on John's St. That was a lot of fun, and the photos bring back great memories. That job epitomized why Illinois was the right choice for me for grad school. Great experience.
Houston, Texas
Haven't been on campus since 2013 (or maybe 2012, can't remember). Remember quarter hotdogs and 3 buck pitchers of beer at R&R for Happy Hour on Friday before it was Firehaus. Lots of changes.
Woodridge, IL
I've seen it rumored that the two floors of retail are going to be a Target. Has that been officially announced?
The camera never lies
I've seen it rumored that the two floors of retail are going to be a Target. Has that been officially announced?
Nothing yet, the rumor started when the rendering released showed a Target sign on the building. Was later changed and announced that there wasn't anything to announce on possible tenants. A small Target would be great for the students, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jimmy Johns and a bar or two in the new building. Just a guess. The bottom floors will have a break somewhere along 6th St, they have to maintain an alley or passage way for vehicles to get back to the area behind Brothers and other shops. It will be bigger than the old narrow lane.
University of Illinois
As of this month, the house that housed the House of Chin is no more. Going up at 6th and Green is a 17-story high rise with a rumored Target on the ground level. (That’s my only bar posting, I promise).
Undergrad from '70 to '74. Lived in ISR my freshman year. Campus life was less sophisticated and more volatile back then. Students who didn't live in dorms or Greek houses squatted in old houses spread around campus. There was a anti war riot in the spring of '71 during which just about every window in most stores on Green between 6th and Wright and a few other on side streets were broken out. Don't remember there being any looting.