AD Josh Whitman contract extended through 2028

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The desert


Champaign Area
I have met Josh during a handful of events and I like where he is leading Illinois athletics, I've said that to him as well. From what I have been told, directly and indirectly, his staff hold him and high regard and that is a plus in my book as well.
Awesome news!

Some things in Life are mysteries. Some things are shrouded in a fog of questions and a lack of clarity.

And then again... there are OTHER things.

We know when... how... and why the fortunes of Illini roundball and football began to turn around and to prosper.

We know who is responsible for starting that quest and journey to the top.

We know who began to bring in the kind of talented and passionate people to get great jobs done.

We know who loves the Illini through and through. We know who believes that there is no blood Bluer than that which runs through the veins of Illini Nation.

We know who it was that put the ‘E’ back in 'Elite' in the nameplate Prairie State university.

And we know that Good Things happen to Good People. Or at least, they should.

A Journey was begun years ago. A journey not yet complete. But a journey that would never have taken place without The Right Guy to start that epic march up the great Mountain.

A great Journey for a great Leader. And a Star of Vision to guide him by.

Embrace the Orange.