Adam Miller transfers to LSU

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The likelihood of him going to a comparable or better program and being in a better situation in terms of playing time, starting, team focus, etc. is pretty darn small. Plus he is going to be learning a new system, acclimating to new coaching styles...Good luck to the kid, I guess, but this seems pretty short-sighted to me.
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My guess is he is looking to be an alpha wolf somewhere. Here he would most always be second place (or tied for first) with Curbelo. So go wherever that’s possible. Thought it could be here with some hard work, but oh well.

I don’t think it’s a bad sign. We know we have good culture. We know we have a player’s coach and great assistants. We don’t know every little thing about the locker room and team environment but we know enough to know it’s not poisonous. I think this is just a guy wanting to be a big fish in a smaller pond.
Mark Few went around to his entire team about Nembhard transferring in because he didn't want to rock the boat. All the players were 100% on board.

Perhaps Underwood asked the team if they were ok with Burnett, TyTy, and Franklin coming. Everyone else was but him.

Unfortunately, I think this is just the 1st nutpunch of April. 30 more days of them coming!!
I don’t think he’d have a problem with Burnett going to Bama but who knows. Heard about this maybe a month ago but didn’t think it had legs but I guess it does
My only thought is that perhaps from his perspective, he doesn't want to be recruited over in the transfer portal. Maybe he's just doing this in order to protect himself in case he doesn't like the playing time he sees after a full team is formed. Maybe some of the insiders can speak on this?

Not enjoying all the AM hate on the boards right now. He accepted his role on the team and played hard. I don't like him transferring either, but don't think he deserves what some people are saying about him after a great season.
There was some smoke for awhile. Two nights ago he and another person (not sure who he is) did an Instagram live. Illinois fans were commenting “Illinois” and things of the sort. I believe it was the other guy (not Adam) who said “who keeps typing Illinois? F—- Illinois.” The live immediately ended. I didn’t have a good feeling at that point but it was was too much heresy to comment on. But, here we are.
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The transfer rules this year, hopefully we get good news soon
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