Angel Hernandez suing MLB

The lawsuit is from 2017 so that part is not news. He is complaining that he has not been assigned to ump a World Series since 2005.
He will ump the Dodgers-Padres series so "technically" that makes him eligible for WS consideration.
Umps always get barbed for poor calls. With the quality of cameras these days the mistakes that umps make are magnified more so than they were 20 years ago.
Nevertheless he has to be one of the worst umps around. People have had a field day creating memes about his horrendous calls.

Angel Hernandez, who has sued Major League Baseball alleging racial discrimination, will umpire the NL Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.
The Cuba-born Hernandez sued in July 2017, claiming he hadn't been assigned to the World Series since 2005 and hadn't been promoted to lead a crew. The case is undergoing pretrial motions in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.
He was made an interim crew chief this season after a dozen umps decided to sit out amid the coronavirus pandemic. During a Boston-New York AL Division Series game in 2018, Hernandez had three calls at first base reversed after replay reviews.

Division Series umpires are eligible for selection for the World Series.

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There are 3 umpire in MLB that even most casual fans can name. Joe West, CB Bucknor, and Angel Hernandez. As an umpire, if you do your job well, no one remembers who made the calls.
Cowboy Joe is generally decent, but loves to insert himself into "The Show". I cringe every time I sit down to watch a game and Bucknor or Hernandez are behind the plate. They are Exhibit A and Exhibit B why many are clamoring for an electronic strike zone.
CB, Angel, cowboy, and Laz 4 the 4 worst umps in Major League Baseball.....if you are good you normally aren’t known by name.