Ayo Dosunmu named B1G Player of the Week

First time for him? Seems like it, but hopefully not his last. I thought it was his 2nd best game ever as an illini, but if you give certain considerations to the injury and the opponent, maybe his best.
Its about time! He is one of the most talented and elite guards in the country, is very good and no where close to reaching his elite potential! Great Job Ayo we love ya our Ice Man so clutch! He has ice water in his veins and has guts. He is an Illini Ice Man and is deserving of this award. I wonder if he never heard or George Gervin! The Ice man poster is still one of the coolest posters ever. I think AYo would look killer in orange and blue like this as a promo poster for our recruiting and to promote him. Maybe pointing at his wrist like he does when he hits those shots for us!
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