Baylor 82, Illinois 69 Postgame

Baltimore, MD
Sucks to lose like that, but I have to think it only makes us better and gives us a lot to learn from. We likely won't play a better back court all season. Loved how strong some of our freshman played. Ayo and Kofi will have better games. We were just out of rythym when Kofi got into foul trouble early.
Baylor has elite perimeter defenders, and we did not have a plan to work the ball inside for Kofi. Curbelo had success beating people off the dribble and distributing, I would have liked to see him play in the second half until he couldn't stand.
Very disappointing performance

Ayo and Cockburn(our best players) were particularly disappointing.

Not sure where this team goes from here but I see way too many flaws to seriously consider them a championship contender at this point. Just let the youth grow and gain experience.
Giorgi got some groove back on the offensive side, belo balled out, hawkins had some great flashes and dmfw still has the stroke.

Baylor is a legit 1 - we lost to a great team. Time to learn mature and use this as a learning experience.
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Didn't look like we showed up to play.

Were we watching the same game? We showed up to play. We just fell asleep for like a 5 minute stretch in the second half and you can't do that and recover against a team like Baylor.

For most of the game we played at worst even with them despite our best two players being ice cold. I am not happy, per se, but encouraged that we are a good team now and by mid-season we will be a true force.