Bo Schembechler

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This is bad. His son’s statement is hard to hear, especially when he tries to tell his dad what happened. This went on for years and years - very Nassar-like. So many B1G teams have this dark past - MSU, PSU, OSU and now Mich. The link to Matt Schembechler’s statement is below (Dan - feel free to edit if necessary)

Was Bo his real Dad or Step dad? I read another article and it made it seem like Bo was his Step Dad and even his real mother told him to shut it up.
Tolono, IL
According the Fox radio show, Bo was his adoptive father. They also said there nay be up to 800 victims. They said the players called the doctor Dr. Anu$ and supposedly assistant coaches threatened slackers that they would be sent to see him. AD Don Canham fired him, but Bo went to bat for the doctor and got him retired. A couple players have come out about it also. Sick bleeps.
Tolono, IL
Players talk

Daniel Kwiatkowski is a former player who said he was sexually assaulted by Anderson during his first physical in 1977 and told Bo Schembechler what happened. He said he was told to “toughen up.”

Gilvanni Johnson said he also told his coach about sexual assault by Anderson in 1982, but no action was taken. He said he was sexually assaulted 15-20 more times by Anderson.Players talk
I always had a strong dislike for Bo Schembechler before. I thought he was an incredible a$$, but I had no idea how evil he was.
Paterno was a criminal and a coward because he willfully stuck his head in the sand.

Bo is an evil criminal because he heard about it, told his players and son to basically get over it and threatened to send them to that r@pist if their performance dropped off.

"The team. The team. The team." What a joke.