Campus Memories

That is correct we were right next to Garcia’s and the Illini Union Book Store. It was a small store.
I remember it well. I was on campus from '98 through '02 but in town through 2011. I vaguely remember the Garcias because I think it closed right after I got there, and then became Moonstruck Chocolatier, then Cocomero? I definitely remember seeing it all the time whenever I'd visit Campustown (I was always coming from Urbana). Went in several times and I ordered some custom shirts from you guys for some special events we did back in the very early 2000s. I'm always sad when I hear about such awesome family run institutions closing for good. Good memories, though.
NW Suburbs
I'm really sorry to hear that. TeShurt was a big part of my years on Campus. I remember walking in there as an 18-year-old and buying my first Illini shirts and a plastic mug that I used as a drinking cup in the dorms. That store is a campus institution. I love your story about driving from Lafayette to Hoopeston. That's dedication as a fan.

Thanks to you and your family for all you've given the C-U community. I left campus 30 years ago this coming Tuesday and still remember your store, and so much more. It's a wonderful place, campus and community. Time has passed in an eye-blink.

I was at UIUC 1976 to 1980 and went into TeShurt for the first time right after buying my textbooks (the bookstore was right next door ). I bought my first Illini shirt there on that day in 1976 and bought my last one there this past fall. It will be missed greatly.
You know I never meant any of my posts this morning to lead to so many people saying such nice things on here. It goes to show you there is inherent good in people. My family has been so touched by so many great kids (students) over the years.
Listening to Ayo was really special. It’s a “business” decision today, but 10 - 20 years from now it will be a love decision. Every person on here loves the UofI for their own time spent there and their own reasons.

I really think we can all learn something from a 20 year old kid. He is playing the hand he was dealt. That is so mature, I am almost 60 years old and I for sure never had a chance to play anything at that high a level. Pretty sure I would be kicking and screaming how I was not treated “fairly”.
For a kid to have that much class and maturity is a testament to his family, his character and his sense or lack of sense of entitlement. We all can learn from that.
I am pretty sure I love the Illini just about as much as anyone and that kid is up there with the greats of all time at Illinois. When he is done being a basketball player is when he will get to look back at just how special it was to have spent time there. I know that for me the years have only made me realize just how much being a part of Illinois has meant in my life.