Career might have beens but for injuries

Mario Lemieux still an all time great but he could have been equal or better than the great one. He played less than 70% of the regular season games in his career

“Lemieux was never able to play a full season, and during his career he played in 70 or more games in a season on only six occasions; four of those seasons were before the age of 25. Lemieux's career was plagued by health problems that limited him to 915 of a possible 1,430 regular season games between the opening of the 1984–85 campaign and the final game of 2005–2006.”
There’s also the “what if” Ted Williams and/or Bob Feller hadn’t missed 4+ seasons due to military duty. Feller would have had 1,000 more K’s, Williams 6-700 more hits.

Other guys certainly missed time (Musial, Greenberg, etc.), but Feller and Williams were the two that seemed most hard hit in terms of length of time occurring right in the think of their prime.
Dimaggio also lost 3 seasons due to his service.


Herb Score. Great pitcher hit in the eye by a line drive.

Also, Roberto Clemente. He had more good years remaining but died in an airplane crash. He batted .312 in is final season and won a Gold Glove.

Also, Coach Knute Rockne (died at age 43 in airplane crash).
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Pelle Lindbergh. Hockey goalie who crashed his Porsche 930.

Thurmond Munson, baseball player who crashed his plane.

Tiger woods.