Chicago Bears 2023



Greenville, SC
They need to win no more games to get the top 2 picks and turn one of those into multiple picks. This team needs lots of talent.

Mr. Tibbs

southeast DuPage
Doug Kramer back on the Bears on the practice squad after getting released by Arizona after 10 days


Geneseo, IL
That was a good first half until the Bears played that Charmin-soft zone to let Detroit drive 75 yards for a touchdown in 1:40.
No guts on play both D and O play calling in last 4 minutes.
Offense: 2 runs up the middle and incomplete pass to stop clock
Defense: Is it against the rules to rush more than 4 guys in last 2 minutes?
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poles said we were going to take the north and never give it back. haven't won a divisional game since 2021. entire organization is a joke
I had other matters to attend to with 6 minutes to go in the game. I knew full well what was coming. That's the really sad reality of being a Bears fan.

I can say with 100% confidence that Matt Eberflus is a worse coach than Marc Trestman.
For me the worst thing about Enerflus and current staff is I’m not sure how accurate a read we’ve gotten on Fields. I wasn’t expecting this team to be very good, but I wanted a “definitive” answer on whether Fields is the answer going forward. Based on the season thus far, I lean toward he isn’t the answer, but can’t help wondering how much the inept staff has played into that. Certainly overcoming that hasn’t made it any easier for Fields to prove his case.
The Bears making history for all the wrong reasons under his watch. Even Trestman was a 4th down stop away from winning the division (albeit a very weak one) in his first year.

I was being sarcastic. I believe the only coaches retained for season 3 with worse 2-year records had taken over expansion teams.

Fun fact: the starting QBs in the 6 games Eberflus’ Bears have won:

Trey Lance
Davis Mills
Mac Jones (replaced by Bailey Zappe after 6 pass attempts)
Sam Howell (passed for 388 yards)
Brian Hoyer (replaced by Aidan O’Connell)
Bryce Young