Cincinnati 71, Illinois 51 Postgame

Washington, DC

Just a breathtakingly bad performance. There are so many issues with this team right now it’s ridiculous. I gotta take a walk and collect myself…
time to hop on the wife
I said, after seeing the Arkansas State game, we are a very average team. We've been exposed as such 2 games in a row now. Maybe less than average. I think we have the talent to be better, but it aint happening any time soon. Coaches have a sh!t ton of work to do with this group.
On top of being horrendously terrible tonight, we looked really slow and unathletic. Combine that with no heart, not one 50/50 ball and inability to shoot, you get embarrassed and blown out. They better figure it out quick. Beginning to think there could be some serious chemistry problems within this team
Team will struggle to get one of the 5 tournament bids the B10 gets this year without some major adjustments and soul searching in the next couple of weeks.