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This would not be a shocker :cool: age 53, Thad has several good years left in him
Dallas-Fort Worth
I would also. He quit because he was more or less constantly in crippling pain, right?
Bad back. Had surgery to try and fix it. Didn’t go well. Can’t even put on his shoes and socks. But he’s interviewed. Turned down the GA job before Crean took it. If the right job came along, I think he’d probably take it. There is certainly a lot of smoke with respect to the Wich St job.

I think it might be one of the easiest places to coach in the nation. Already tops of their conference, and not like fans are clamoring for more. Dont have to recruit with the big boys, but also have enough fire power behind you to try. Money isnt an issue there. Seems like a good fit for both parties.

I really wanted Matta last time around, the way I understood it was he wouldnt be coaching ever again. Maybe that's changed.
As a coach I understand the pull coaching has on you. 3 years ago I changed schools with the full intention of teaching only. They offered me a basketball spot and I literally couldn’t make myself say no. Even my wife was like you have to take it I can see you want the job.

I just hope for thad his health is right and his body is strong. Especially in covid times I hope he isn’t putting himself in a tough situation just because the coaching bug is gnawing at him. I always thought he did a good job at tosu