Coleman Hawkins returns to Illinois

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Rockford, Illinois
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Chad Fleck

Eureka, IL
Does this make the Illini good?

I'm going to need a full day of rotation breakdowns.


Evansville, IN
He probably had 2 stories and tweets lined up and sent the wrong one. Dude is human it happens
Well, yeah. He got super excited and said he was pushing go on the story he had ready while getting back to the live reaction.

Cool for me: I had just gotten on IL for the first time today, scrolled to the bottom... and noticed that the last post was suddenly on page 2. Immediate excitement. Dan had this up within about three minutes.
1Dainja, DainC6'10JRStart
2Hawkins, ColemanF6'10SRStart
3Guerrier, QuincyF6'8SRStart
4Hansberry, AmaniF6'7FR
5Goode, LukeG/F6'7JRx
6Shannon, Terrance Jr.F6'6SRStart
7Rodgers, TyF6'6SOx
8Domask, MarcusF6'6SRx
9Harris, SincereG6'4SOx
10Harmon, JustinG6'5SRx
11Morreti, NiccoliG6'2FR
12Gibbs-Lawhorn, DraG6'3FR

One way to view our rotation next spring.......with lots and lots of options!
I disagree about Quincy being a starter. He will probably be the first player off the bench in the post. I can see Goode starting.
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