College admissions scandal

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Aunt Becky apparently never believed a word she was saying on that TV show back in the 80's. $500,000 just to get her two daughters into USC ? I cant see any way those girls can finish out the semester , yet alone their college years at that school anymore.

I just love the hypocrisy of these celebrities. Always standing up for the cameras for the plight of the poor/regular guy , all the while doing everything they can in private to see that the rules we live by don't apply to them. This is the tip of the iceberg from what I hear.
Is it weird that I pretty much thought this is how ~75% of celebrity kids got into big universities (for degrees that mean nothing)? Not saying I think its right, but when you've got a 9+ figure net worth, throwing around 500k for a kid or two so they can party doesn't seem that crazy.