Dabo says there needs to be 'complete blowup' of college football



Thinks college football needs to "be blown up."

I honestly don’t follow football recruiting outside of Illinois. Are the blue bloods pulling in all the top transfers this year? I would think they would lose a lot of good players too, but again, I don’t pay that much attention to them.
I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but to me it looks like the tradional revenue generating college sports, football included, model is being blown up presently.
Does he want to blow up the blow up?
Dabo is a cry baby.

Heh, that was my gut reaction. Guy is making (many, many) millions off the sport and has a couple national championships, but he doesn't like where the sport is headed or how it affects him, etc.. Says it's bad for team unity now that players finally have mobility and earnings. Ok, if you say so.

How many "leaders" believe loyalty is a one way street (you need to be loyal to them). To be fair, I'm sure he has a point and there are downsides, and the NCAA is part of the problem. But it seems to me that if they don't want players transferring, maybe guarantee them multi-year scholarships or offer some reason to stay?
He has a point on transfers. I think a lot of these kids who transfer multiple times, are only hurting themselves.

It's a point but it hurt them before the portal and before NIL. I think the quiet part is "and I can't keep them hostage anymore."

There needs to be NIL regulation but it can definitely be an overall good thing.