Da'Monte Williams returns for fifth season at Illinois

I was kind of hoping we wouldn’t hear at all anything from him until the Iowa game and then when things get chippy he would walk of the tunnel with Dreams and Nightmares blasting and go straight up to the scores table and check in. This is nice too I guess.
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My dream scenario is that he comes back this year with a quicker trigger on his 3 point shot. Even if his percentage goes down 10-15% I think its worth it to have a higher volume and he would still be at 40-45% which is outstanding. If he's shooting at that percentage then him taking a semi open look is going to be one of the best outcomes for the offense.
We will be better than last season.

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It was a big surprise. Trent's not the kind of guy that's going to make a decision like that for someone else. LOL
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with 15 scholarship players, and no real 'deadwood' on the bench, Underwood will struggle to get players the minutes they expect//deserve. I propose he uses the '40 second minute model'. with each minute only 40 seconds long, we can squeeze 60 minutes into each game, giving the staff a total of 300 instead of the traditional 200 minutes per game.
Now get Kofi back and we will be Top 10 again. Maybe even win the Big Ten outright. WIsconsin just offered Ryan Brumbaugh an unrated PG for 2022.