Dolphins Hall of Fame coach Don Shula dies at 90

Don Shula, the NFL's winningest coach who led the Miami Dolphins to the league's only undefeated season, died on Monday. He was 90.

The Dolphins issued a statement saying that Shula died "peacefully at his home."

"Don Shula was the patriarch of the Miami Dolphins for 50 years," the statement said. "He brought the winning edge to our franchise and put the Dolphins and the city of Miami in the national sports scene. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Mary Anne along with his children Dave, Donna, Sharon, Anne and Mike."

The NFL world reacts to the death of legendary coach Don Shula
Shula won an NFL-record 347 games, including including playoff games. He coached the Dolphins to the league's only undefeated season (17-0) in 1972, culminating in a 14-7 victory over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

My favorite Shula story is the time he and his family went to Maine for summer vacation before training camp began.
They were spending their vacation in a small town and decided to go to the local movie theater. When the 7 Shulas walked in they were greeted to a standing ovation. Even though he had recently won a Super Bowl with the Dolphins Don was a little surprised that he would be recognized so quickly in a small town in Maine. That was actually why they chose Maine, for the anonymity.

When the show was over Don thanked the other patrons in the house telling them it was kind of them to go out of their way to make him feel welcome. They looked at each other and back and Don. The man closest to him said, I don't know who you are but the owner of the theater just told us since there were only 5 people waiting to watch the movie, he wouldn't run it unless 10 people were in the audience.

Don said he learned humility that day.
Don Shula's 6 Super Bowls in 17 years don't match Belichick's 9 Super Bowls in 18 years.

However, Belichick did that with essentially one qb the entire run. Shula had five - Unitas, Morrall, Griese, Woodley and Marino. With a bit of Don Strock in there, too.

Shula was missing his Hall of Fame starting qb due to injury for 23 of the combined 28 regular season games in the '68 Colts' 13-1 season and the '72 Dolphins' 14-0 season.