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Scottsdale, Arizona
Also you can see in this screen shot we have an A in academics for recruiting which is accurate, you can’t just get any recruit anymore the players will only be interested in Illinois if they are recruits that care about academics and so on… but a C+ in championship contender 😬

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Luckily, the academic rating is fixed (cannot be changed in game), but the championship contender rating is not fixed, you can improve it as you improve your team.


Scottsdale, Arizona
C+ is pretty generous for Championnship Contender lol.
The other thing I’ve heard is that the b-roll used in the deep dive videos (which is where these screenshots come from) was recorded before the game was officially complete & might differ from the actual game.
Yikes, I really thought prices for a PS5 would have gotten a bit lower by now, lol ... I think the wife would kill me if I drop that kind of money right now so I can play this game. I at least need to wait until the fall when we are no longer spending an arm and a leg on baby formula!!


With the game releasing next week, I put on my College Football Czar hat and tried to return sanity to the conference landscape.
This is the configuration I'll be using in my Illini dynasty. :ms:

(One caveat - the game won't let you make a new conference so you have to use the current 10 + independents structure).

Maybe the only conference left that still makes sense in real life, the MAC stays as-is but we bring back divisions here (and everywhere) because 12-14 team conferences without them are are stupid.
- Akron, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Kent St., Miami (OH), Ohio
West - Ball St., CMU, EMU, NIU, Toledo, WMU

The gang is back together with one change - swapping Colorado for BYU to set up the Holy War as a conference game.
- Cal, Oregon, Oregon St., Stanford, Washington, Washington St.
South - Arizona, Arizona St., BYU, UCLA, USC, Utah

The Big 10 and SEC get rid of their questionable adds and roll back to sensible 12 team versions.
BIG 10
- Indiana, Michigan, Michigan St. Ohio St., Penn St., Purdue
West - Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, NU, Wisconsin

- Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
West - Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi, Miss. St.

Colorado and Missouri back where they belong and we recreate the classic SWC (sorry, Rice). SMU gets a more sensible big boy upgrade.
BIG 12
Big Eight
- Colorado, Iowa St. Kansas, Kansas St., Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St.
Southwest - Baylor, Houston, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech

The biggest changes, leaning into the American's DNA.
Big East - Boston College, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, West Virginia
Metro - Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, South Florida, Southern Miss, Tulane, Virginia Tech

Maryland returns, Central Florida goes to a more logical big conference and Appy St. gets a promotion
Atlantic - Central Florida, Clemson, Florida St., Maryland, NC State, Wake Forest
Coastal - Appalachian St., Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia

Pretty much the same but adds NMSU and UTEP to give some desert rivalry action
Mountain West
- Air Force, Colorado St., New Mexico, New Mexico St., Utah St., UTEP, Wyoming
West - Boise St., Fresno St., Hawaii, Nevada, San Diego St., San Jose St., UNLV

A couple minor moves to even out conference and team numbers
- Charlotte, East Carolina, FAU, FIU, Liberty, MTSU, Western Kentucky
West - Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Rice, Sam Houston, Tulsa, UAB, UTSA

Sun Belt
- Coastal Carolina, Georgia Southern, Georgia St., James Madison, Kennesaw St., Marshall, Old Dominion
West - Arkansas St., Jacksonville St., Louisiana, UL-Monroe, South Alabama, Texas St., Troy

Army, Navy, Massachusetts, Notre Dame


White and Sixth
North Aurora
I have to say I’m not super impressed with our intro. There are a few angles and shots that are a bit awkward. That being said, they clearly put in the thought to know how we come out of the tunnel, how there is a line of cheerleaders, how the band is in the end zone. Probably the best we could expect for the first game back.
The white "I" logo on a blue background definitely does not match our graphic standards, unless that's a leak of a tiny rebrand. Hope that gets patched soon