Future Football Schedules

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Speaking of mellencamp what if you tied it all in with FarmAid and include a concert on the weekend?

South Farms

near Ogden & Rt 83


Kelso, WA
didn't the Bobcats beat us in Champaign under Zook or did we squeeze out a W in the 4th quarter? If we did win, it felt like a loss.
I believe Frank Solich is still coaching there , for many years now after having been let go by Nebraska.

Ohio U defeated the Illini 20-17 on October 14, 2006.


Little Rock, Arkansas
Ohio fans must be ecstatic. Every mid Major we schedule ends up hiring an amazing up-and-comer and then clobbers us as the best team in their group of 5 league.

It’s still a few years away, but I’m sure they’re excited for the future.


Check it out, Wrigley Field is back in business hosting football games. Northwestern will have games there in 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026.

Illinois Football should return to Wrigley Field.

There's one, relatively new date on the home schedule which would be ideal to move to Chicago: Thanksgiving Saturday.

Play every two years at Wrigley Field on Thanksgiving Saturday starting in 2021-

- Use the game to boost season ticket sales, single game tickets only available to season-ticket holders.
- Campus is emptied out on Thanksgiving while so many people are in Chicago, so you're following the crowds.
- Don't have to worry about how empty Memorial Stadium will be over Thanksgiving.
- Game is held every two years which should retain appeal of the game.

Just a thought, Go Illini


Iowa City
Can we move past the football games in baseball stadiums fad? Why not play that game in Solder Field?


Illinois Football-

0-4 at Soldier Field

2-0 at Wrigley Field
If we decide we want to win one of those games, it becomes a cloudy November affair.

Lol, surprised I never responded to this ... while what you say is true, Champaign has a strong beer garden game. It's a shame we never get to enjoy them, and a nice fall afternoon in a packed Grange Grove beats the hell out of ... whatever I was standing in last November.


I notice we have Virginia and Kansas coming up on our future schedules. Will Va remain competitive. Mad hatter have Kansas competitive by then?


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In other state of Illinois news, kinda wild that Mizzou is going to play in Dekalb in 2029 against the Huskies. Playing on the road against a MAC school, when was the last time that happened for an SEC school?
We're extending our series against Miznoz. Not sure of the extent, just know it's 8 games instead of 4.
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