Game Thread: Illinois at Indiana

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I hate that call. The defender is straight up and the offensive player just goes into him. It penalizes good D.

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Another terrible call now on Kofi. Big ten refs need more national attention on how bad they are
Yeah. It should end with you’re fired.
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B10 does not care one bit about competent officiating. Never have. They continue to trot out the same guys year after year who have no business working junior high games let alone Div I basketball. League only cares about close games and perceived parity.


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I don't understand why our rebounding has been so bad this game. I guess Underwood will be talking about how bad we practiced this week.

Win this game. I don't care if it's not pretty.
Gotta love how the Big 10 assembles the strongest top-to-bottom basketball league in the country and then goes and turns games into free-throw contests
Whoever was in charge of scouting this crew of officials totally dropped the ball.
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