Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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DJ should stick to playing his records :cautious: Nice three to close the half! Regroup and come back ready to take care of the ball and defend!


He’s had 18 assists and 3 TOs in last 3 games — much of it when he was bringing ball up floor.

Thats basically all scheme . Its not hard to get assists bringing the ball up and throwing it to the red hot Plummer on the wing who then immediately shoots and makes it .

As soon as a team forces them to be dynamic it comes apart as we all see. Last year we had the ability to keep one dynamic guard (Ayo and Belo )on the floor at all times and that basically helped hide DMW and Trent but with both those guys out its easy to see the limitations . Great role players but they are extremely limited college guards in comparison to to their peers .


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I want to water board that bald ref until he admits his obvious anti Illinois officiating.

It's as obvious as the reflection off of his head.

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I don't think this Iowa is a very good team. We just need to be ourselves and avoid too many turnovers.
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