Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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Compared this to the Cincy first half. This time, we took their best punch, adjusted, and reclaimed the lead. Solid bit of improvement and maturity there. Now we gotta get Kofi involved in the offense.

And these refs are really letting them play, for better or worse.
Preparing for that to change drastically in the second half. Often does.
The refs were fine. Kofi got away with some pretty "firm" baseline defense as well. Refs make and miss calls...its whatever.

The game started fine. The half ended fine. In the middle, they got out of sync and completely discombobulated on both ends.

They're doing a very poor job of feeding the post right now. Kofi is getting nothing. For one half, we're living by the three and dying by the three a bit too much. We have a clear advantage in the paint...have to get it in there.
We are out-rebounding them (24 to 12). If we could just cut back on the TO's we can win this. Plus, get Kofi the ball down low.
50% of our turnovers, are a result of them physically assaulting us. No call from the refs! Only reason this game is close and that is how the crooked Big10 wants it Refs to call games against the Illini!
Fortuneatly we responded before this game became a dumpster fire nightmare. Lets see what half time adjustments are made.
I don’t have a PhD in leap reading but I got: F-bomb, This is BS! This is BS!!
The first part of that I didn’t rely on lip reading either…I didn’t need to. You could hear it, from Space.

Where does that put us on our Francon-Alert?
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