Game Thread: Illinois at Missouri

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Chicago, IL
Are the refs going to ever allow Mizzou to take a shot?
Illinois has to figure out a way to spread the fouls around. There's going to be a call every trip down with this trash officiating crew. Like that Curbelo and Dosunmu are taking it at them.


Kofi really should comes back for year 3 he has a lot of work to do.

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Why does all these guys on Mizzou seems so familiar.. It's like I seen them before.. LOL

Lets hope for a W.

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I just got in. Can’t believe the way this is going.


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Altenberger as your name and the photo of him playing and then you mentioning him as an announcer and a little time to kill before the game starts got me thinking....favorite former Illini turned announcers? Deon, Bardo, Doug, Jerry I forgetting anyone? I personally like all four but would probably rank Jerry fourth and have a hard time picking between the other three. Enjoy listening to all of them and you can tell in their voice how much it means to them when the Illini are playing well.
Johnny Red Kerr

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Ayo is on Fire tonight. Much better than vs Duke/Baylor.
Good grief. So tight on the wistle.

Ayo has been nearly perdect other that one TO . Love hiw he us playing . Could be a 30 n 10 night


South Carolina
Sundvold doing a pretty good (neutral) job on the color commentary so far.

(For those who don't know, he was a mega star for Mizzou in the earliest years of this rivalry --- and a 9-10 year NBA guy).
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