Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

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Turn it back on.


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I'll take any lead going into the half. OSU is too good not to come back.
Leron needs to recognize when to quickly kick it back out after catching in the post. Would get some open threes and may eventually deter double teams and get him more one-on-one opportunities down low.

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When Tejon is running our offense we look abysmal


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Man, I hate to pile on, but Lucas has been awful today. I didn't expect a 15 point lead to last, but it's evaporating a lot quicker than I was thinking it would.
Just when I had become a Alstork fan he does something stupid again
Turnover, turnover, dumb shot, beat down the floor and offensive foul. not good
He’s actually been very good today other than a couple plays the last few minutes.


Herndon, VA
Would like to hear the strategy on why TJL stayed in so long.
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