Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

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Can’t buy a bucket. Imagine what our record would be if we could avoid these long cold stretches ever game?

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So, Brad, what now?


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Maybe BU is waiting until the second half to put both TJL and TF on the floor at the same time.


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yep this is much more like it.
While I'm railing on TJL can someone please get the anti homer that is Stephen Bardo from ever calling one of our games again, he's begging for them to call a foul against Leron.
85% of our losses and problems is lack of interior presence. They made their run with our small line up.

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We have too many players who enjoy watching the game when they are on the floor and no one who wants to take the game over and own it (like a player like Rayvonte Rice did).
Hey TJL you shouldn't be posting on Loyalty during the middle of the game

I’m just not sure why he’s he whipping boy. He’s made 2 or 3 bad plays. No more than anyone else who has played heavy minutes. He’s created some good looks for other guys that have missed shots.

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Wings can’t make shots. Need to recruit shooters.

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Junior high level inbounds. Coaches?


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Tale of two halves of one half? Tale of two quarters? Good grief.

It's truly amazing how good we've been in stretches.

It's truly amazing how terrible we've been in stretches.


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The first ten minutes was a lot of fun. The 2nd ten minutes was the worst stretch I can ever remember.
We got this. Can't score forever and close at half.
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