Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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Giorgi is in such a funk. Missing point blank layups. He'll come out of it! It's coming! Feel really good about tonight, keep it up!
Winged Warrior
I kind of like the commercial free part.

M tipping over
Stuck at work still. How is Ayo looking out there? Does he seem to be moving, cutting, jumping, etc well?
Just turned the game on. What is the deal with this All Access thing? Why would anyone want to watch the coaches for an entire game?
New Orleans
How are we ahead with all the missed bunnies by Giorgi? If I could see the game on the damn mini screen it would help. Screen makes Kofi look about 5'11".... I mistook him for Trent a few plays ago.
smh Giorgi . Please get it going young man cause we need all the help we can get. And dang I can't stand Pedo St at all
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