Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Winged Warrior
Tale of two halves. Came to play in the first....laying down in the second.
I'm really starting to dislike Rutgers. They are just out toughing us now. Time to get our act together.
Officiating not good, but Illini getting out hustled and out played. Want to be a top 10 team need to play like one.
I just see a bunch of Rutgers players flopping and the refs eating it up.
Rutgers is winning the possession game thru hustle. Offensive rebounds are 13-7, and Turnovers are 12-9. Hard to win games when you give up those extra possessions
Miller kills us every time he is in. Lost on defense, and clueless on offense.
This is awful.

this short ref Larry whatever always kills us. He’s the one that got in Groces face.
Yeah right. Stop the lies.
Watch the game, where are our shooters? No killer instinct with a 10 point lead, the goofy white kid completely out hustling us and they have shooters. Where is this 4 stat AceWolf? Non existent. Monte completely smoked this game. We arent winning the 50 50 balls.
Not open for further replies.