Game Thread: Illinois at Virginia

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Paducah, Ky
Where's Lisa Byington when you need her ?
These announcers suck like our D does...
Jello shot and 420 beckons me
It is times like this I need to remember to take a deep breath and say, “We’re still in first place in the B1G.”
I guess we’re saving BP for next week. Not that I think he’s save this game.


Chicago, IL
When is Brandon Peters going to be available? Additionally, is it our defense or Ryan Walters?
Thinking this rebuild is going to take longer than I thought although Virginia isn’t a bad team


Bethalto, IL
I stopped watching after we were down 14-0. I've been occasionally looking at the score since, but I find myself drifting from watching this football program. I am beyond the point of getting mad or upset. It's now a meh whatever view of Illinois football. And I've watched them for 30+ years
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