Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

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These receivers are so open, Mertz doesn't need to be accurate. There were three open receivers on that 3rd and 15.


Chicago, IL
I like that when we get a turnover it's a bonus for playing good defense and not basically our entire defense.
Those were actually exciting plays though instead of watching it slip through our hands so many times this season.
Gonna be tough to win today if Mertz is throwing like this. We need more pressure but he is playing well. only incompletion was that ball Witherspoon deflected for the INT. He has made some nice throws. Tied after 1Q though. Better than last year.
Is this the worst broadcast you’ve ever seen? Camera so tight can’t even see the play
The direction seems a bit off. They cut to commercial in the middle of the announcer's sentence. Came back 30 seconds later to the same shot of the Wisconsin TE on the ground.
Walters needs to get the D lined up because they are looking confused pre snap.
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