Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

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Planet Earth, when not battling Ming the Merciless
My first trip to the SFC in 5 years. Taking the daughter.
Lets win this game and i hope we dont play Iowa again! Not because i am afraid of them but because i want them to lose as often as possible!
Lets have our best game of the season thus far!
Pay back time- Illinois is going to need some home cooking to beat Iowa- Check That Box.

I see Illinois winning this by 10 points.
Underwood with a couple nice entry passes. (And an ugly foul)
Wichita, KS
BU is not smart for leaving Tyler in so long I know it is sr night but he was a lability and now they have confidence dumb dumb dumb
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Wichita, KS
They are shooting lightts out
I guess Underwood's plan is to let one of the Big 10's best shooting teams fire away and burn us from 3 early?
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