Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

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Omg.....biggest FT's ever.....except not in bonus...lmao


Evansville, IN
Maybe I should go root for Auburn and bless that game, too

Chad Fleck

Eureka, IL
I hate what I just saw from Izzo. Arguing with his player and then turns his back on him and crosses his arms. So childish.


Eugene, Oregon
Imagine for a moment a senior Goode…
OK, back to the regularly scheduled program.
Way to go Underwood getting Hawkins in! He hits the board too! Great job by the freshman Goode boxing out and revising in such a crucial moment! I don't like trying to run the clock out and killing the offense! I pray it works out for Underwood tonight and the team! I like the adjustment at the end here though!
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