Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

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Chad Fleck

Eureka, IL
I couldn't love the Kofi lefthanded Shaq dunk and then a kick out for a corner three to Grandison on the next play anymore. That's tremendous maturity and just excellent basketball sense.

Didn't feel himself too much. Read the play correctly and made a perfect pass to the shooting pocket of Grandison.
If this was a little league game, the refs would invoke the Mercy Rule, and everyone would be sipping juice boxes and eating Rice Krispie treats by now. Unfortunately for Mizzou, this beatdown will continue until the buzzer.
I'm glad it's not! Eat it Mizzou!
The pepermit shaps is floing frely rite noow her in pru lands...........................
I don’t know what I want more. Keep the starters in and continue curb stomping them? Or do you bring the scrubs in and continue curb stomping them, but by slightly less?
Army just went ahead in the bowl game, this may just be a very sweet night!
Illini win the Braggin' Rights Trophy, and Mizzou gets a Participation Ribbon. Sounds about right.
Not open for further replies.