Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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Carelessness and poor shooting has made this game closer than it should be.
This is what really frustrates me.. we let these teams at the bottom of the league who you should win by 25+ at home stick around. It gives them confidence.. we have no offense. I have said it all season. Ayo cant make every shot.
The Eternal Optimist
Denver, CO
Kind of wish we were going into the locker room down at this point. However, I think BU is going to light a fire in them just the same for only being up 3 at the half. Win by 15.
North Bethesda, Maryland
That’s one of those shots that happens when you’re already up 20...I’ll take it though.
Wondering if I should feel like a traitor. Drinking white Bordeaux and heard announcers say Neb player is from Bordeaux.
I feel like we should be up by 20 but TOs just let them hang around and comeback. Gotta focus next half.
Another dumb rule change. I don’t know how many years ago but they used to use the horn when determining if a shot is good. That’s the best way. You can watch release AND listen fior horn. How can you watch clock and release? You can’t. Oh but with wonderful review you can waste 5 minutes to find out something a ref should be able to see and hear live. UGH !!!
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