Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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Man alive, poor Giorgi is just a hole in the floor.

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Giorgi misses a bunny and Nebby takes advantag. When have I seen this before?

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This team does not like playing at home. They play timid
Nebraska playing fast and loose with house money...Illini tight and now thinking about what to do to keep from losing. Nebraska does not care. Illini may care too much.
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Giorgi has a full on case of the yips now. This is mental.
I think that GB is probably a lost cause for THIS year. He's in his own head now. He's not making good decisions on either end.

He looks uncomfortable, he looks a step slow and he looks like he's playing not to make a mistake. That's a confidence issue.

He needs a reboot, which will probably be in the off-season.
Agreed. He's hesitant about everything and it kills him, even at the freethrow line. I think moving him out to the 4 instead of spelling Kofi at the 5 really got into his head. They broke Georgi this year. I hope they can figure out how to fix him.
Sloppy turnovers, porous defense, whatever is going on with Giorgi. Just not what I wanted to see tonight.
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love GB. want him so bad to get over this. reminds me of Markell’s Fultz after he was drafted
Will one of Brads asst grab him and tell him everytime we get a little working margin he sticks big G in and they go on a run we do not deserve to win this game hope we find a way
Giorgi has no confidence NONE!!!! he is a liability on the floor
Offensively....we are fair on good nights and poor on bad ones... Feliz and Ayo layups..occasional three by Griffin or Trent
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