Game Thread: Illinois vs North Carolina A&T

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Baltimore, MD
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Love the smell of a fresh game thread after 8+ months. Go Illini!
Excited to see how the new faces perform! We know what we are getting with Ayo, Trent, Kofi, Damonte, and Giorgi... maximum effort!
Rockford, Illinois
So, so ready. Excited and hopeful that our Illini will have a season to remember for its success and first National Championship. Praying that our coaches and players stay healthy. Let’s Goooooooooooo!
Looking forward to the season! :illinois:

My guess is that we are going to take out our frustration on the lack of a post-season last year on these next three teams.
Trent from the corner will hit a 3 to start the season. Who do you think will start? Ayo, Kofi, Trent, Williams, Miller? I feel GB will be solid off the bench this year. Is it 1 yet?
Sure want to see what all the new faces can bring to the table that we can count upon....but two that we need badly to show up and are not new faces are on injured reserve and may not appear at all this year. Hoping both return to health soon...especially I have had back spasms for the past week myself and suffer general deterioration from 50 years of competitive golf and playing for 70 years. For a 20 year old to have those problems is scary. Same for BBV...foot issues can take your heart away.

In the meantime, this team needs our support and enthusiasm. Let's hope they play hard and together...a tough task with so many new faces.
Not open for further replies.