Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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You know. I love Illinois sports as much as anybody. But I get REALLY tired of seeing guys act like they just stopped Tom Brady to Mike Evans when you are down 6 with 3 minutes to go against a team you have to be able to beat at home. Somewhat infuriating.
Unfortunately it is all over sports at every level. Disgusts me as well.
Can't trust your o line to get 6 inches.....pretty much the story of the game
Same thing as the two awful punts. Might as well walk over to the OL bench and scream in every one of their faces that they're terrible and their coaching staff doesn't trust them.

Not how you build a culture.
I just don’t understand the Norwood runs inside. Multiple plays getting outside with success, so then you run interior with a non-interior runner? Got to smart for themselves. Outside run working so keep running outside.
4th and one and you call a sweep run lol coming off a big win and you collapse at home against a bad Rutgers team. So happy it’s basketball season.
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