Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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We are abominably bad against read option action. I'm shocked we haven't seen more of that this year, we get completely destroyed on like 60% of true meshes.
This team's done. Can't believe I continue to have hope week after week, year after year.
It's unbelievable PSU couldn't adjust well enough to stop us from rolling up 357 on the ground on them.

One week of film and it's all effortlessly bottled up by a much less talented front 7.
PSU arrogantly refused to adjust until the overtimes.
they have almost run twice as many plays on offense as we have. twice. i'm suprised our defensive players can still stand up
Hate the Discover commercial. When is that going to stop being aired.
You know. I love Illinois sports as much as anybody. But I get REALLY tired of seeing guys act like they just stopped Tom Brady to Mike Evans when you are down 6 with 3 minutes to go against a team you have to be able to beat at home. Somewhat infuriating.
As usual, games are won and lost in the trenches. We are getting killed on the line of scrimmmage. No pressure on QB.
Frustrating game after the big time upset win last week. We have a small chance to still win this. Wake up offense!!!!


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9 yards of total offense by the Illini in the second half
If McCray was available how on earth was Norwood getting that 3rd down carry?

It's year 1 stuff to frequently be stuck with a type of back Bielema's never going to recruit for himself, but that has happened several times where he winds up being the guy out there in short yardage.
Bret, the way to stop hating your offensive line is to stop hating your offensive line
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