Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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Nothing official yet, but it looks doubtful for #Illini C Mike Thorne, Jr. tonight. #dechr

Tonight's unis
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my brother and I are U of :illinois: grads and our sister currently goes to Wisconsin. We will not be speaking to the badger today/tonight... until Illinois wins
This is a winnable game with being home a plus. There for the taking. Go get 'em!

Unfortunately, this is what I thought about the tOSU game. :eek:
Black and Thorne

I have a hard time thinking that Groce pushed to get the players in if they weren't ready. I'm sure it was a group decision between player, coaches, doctors/trainers. In the end, game time performance showed they were not ready.

For those that don't recall Kendall Gill broke a bone in his foot during the season and returned a couple of games before the tourney. He could of played for that crucial game in Indiana but was held out one more game. He rebounded well, some type of injuries and some players don't.
No Mike Thorne Jr. tonight

#illini starters:

G Jaylon Tate
G Kendrick Nunn
G Aaron Jordan
F Malcolm Hill
F Michael Finke

#illini are 3-0 with that lineup
3rd Floor talbot lab
Looks like they are putting football recruits in the area by the north basket
All you have to do is listen to the pregame show. Ohio State game, JG said he never knows until 2 hours before practice or games whether or not Thorne or Black are suiting up. He said it is hard to gameplan. He is telling everybody he has no influence on the decision. I imagine it is because of SC. I am sure the current coaches are at the discretion of the powers that be above them. :thumb:
Hoping for a win, but trying not to expect it so I can keep my blood pressure down tonight... I-L-L
banging in the post goes ofer....then one shot on the arc and bangs it home
Wheaton, IL
John Groce coming on the court constantly during the game is starting to drive me crazy just as much as Weber yelling Demetri!!!
aggressive PG tonite. Pushing the ball headup and directing the offense
Fairfield, IL
So different not seeing Bo Ryan roaming the sidelines...also different that there's no Kaminsky and Dekker.
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