Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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Deuce Spann is NOT dressed
Seth Coleman is NOT dressed
Calvin Avery is NOT dressed

Still haven't seen any word on Mertz playing or not. I guess that means he's starting?
Deuce Spann is NOT dressed
Seth Coleman is NOT dressed
Calvin Avery is NOT dressed

I don’t know how anyone could bet on Illini unless you made your bet 20 minutes or less before the game. I don’t think there has been a game yet where several players have not suited up that have not been mentioned during the week and BB has said he didn’t expect any others out beyond those mentioned.
It's a beautiful day for a ball game - let's play two! On second thought, after watching Illini opening series, let's not.
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We ran the ball in a historic way last weekend and we start with 3 passes? Shove it down their throats. What the heck.
Pass protection looks about what we expected
I’ve had a bad feeling all week
Attn: Inept Off Coordinator.....what Wisconsin is doing is what we should have done on the 1st series.....we could have run over them. I CANNOT stand playing from behind every game.
They’re just gonna run it for 6 yards every single play all day long, then huh?
Yep, we don’t have the line play on either side of the ball to compete with Wisconsin
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Thankfully Wisconsin ran two pass plays on that goal-to-go series. Do not know why they went away from run, but glad they did.
Truly inexplicable. Pounding it probably could have given them a 4th down from feet or inches out. What a gift, though the real miracle would be if it ends up mattering.
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