Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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This is reminding me of Gary Moeller’s Illini teams.

Does Bielema have any sons in local schools? According to my brother - an Andy Moeller classmate at Edison - the regular ongoing taunts at Andy about his dad was all fuel used by the Moeller family later when Gary coached Andy back at Michigan. They apparently held a lifelong grudge.

Gary Moeller’s teams here were terrible though.
Chicago, IL
Some adjustments need to be made at halftime. Can one of them be firing Tony Peterson?
Peterson will last the season, but he needs to be fired. He was a very bad hire from the start.
Defense played tough, but time of possession favors Wisky 3:1. That's going to be a problem in the second half. Defense is going to be gassed. There's just no answer for Illinois at QB.
Finally! Just becasue their run D is good doesn't mean that we should abandon our strengths. Embarrassing. Run Chase Brown and McCray at them! Make them show that strength!
That run was against a D that was soft and set to make sure that we didn't throw the ball deep at the end of the half. I understand that you want to just run the ball but, that is not the only action that is needed here.
Morrison, CO
Well, the offense so far has been one nice Chase Brown run and 2 PIs. Must be saving the bulk of the playbook for the 2nd half.
The reigning Big Ten player of the week has 3 carries and our backup QB is 0/7, great playcalling Mr Petersen
This half set college football back about 75 years. Turrrrible.

The Great Mark Followill in the booth has to be hating life.
Richmond, VA
How the hell can you allow TE to get 14 yds over the middle on 3 &12 while dropping 8 into coverage?!?!
If anyone still had any question as to what Illinois really is, we’re seeing it right now in this game.

Remember, our OL and our DL “are our strength” heading into the season…
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