Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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Washington, DC
time to hop on the wife
Not even attempting to run the ball. BAFFLING.
We are the second worst team in the conference
Alright, this is the turning point in the game.
Good for the D. They haven’t been playing all that well, but been on the field for so long they deserve a break.
Bears had 47 total yards against Cleveland. I didn’t think I’d see a performance that inept ever again, yet here we are…
Our quarterback play is so abysmal that it boggles my mind. Throw Spann or Collier in. It literally cannot be worse. Art is 0/12.
Can Art throw a ball to a receiver? Seems like every pass is closer to the defenders....
He’s 0/10 with 0 yards passing today.
Yeah, awful, but he gets the passes off in the face of pressure. The coverage is excellent though. Not sure any qb would do well with this protection and receiver group.
So the game plan was obviously something that couldn't be executed by these players. the coaches know how to coach?
The start of the Bielema era here at Illinois has been a bit underwhelming i

BB aint the problem; he don't got nuthing to do with this here crap. You all gotta get you all better guys on the feild
Not open for further replies.