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Then how come UEFA and CONMEBOL use it? And CONCACAF can't be so cash poor that they can't install it in these stadiums, even on a temporary basis.
Not sure UEFA and CONCACAF should be considered to be even remotely comparable as far as resources and management effectiveness.
CONMEBOL put out requests for bids and approved contracts at significant cost.

The bottom line is this, there is a lot more to running VAR than just holding up a couple of iphones during a match. There is significant cost not only for the equipment and proprietary software, but the personnel training as well. In a perfect world CONCACAF is a much less corrupt and much better run organization and this is a non-issue. I am hopeful that we get there sooner rather than later now that the 2015 DOJ corruption case has reached it's conclusion.
Another international break means more World Cup Qualifiers. Lightest schedule for CONCACAF qualifiers of any of breaks. Here's the schedule for the USMNT:

-Friday, November 12th, 8:10 PM CT, ESPN2: vs. Mexico (Game being played at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati)
-Tuesday, November 16th, 4:00 PM CT, Paramount+: at Jamaica

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I'd be curious to get the take to this article from some of the posters on here who follow soccer a bit more closely than I do:
It's a rivalry where I'm not sure there's ever going to be much love lost. Mexico still leads 36-21 (with 15 draws). And let's be real, any ground we may have felt we made up vanished when we failed to qualify in 2018. Yes, we won Nations League (I still don't know how I feel about it as a tournament, but that's another discussion) and our B team took down their A (ish) team in the Gold Cup, but Mexico's record against us in Gold Cups is 6 to 3. By all accounts, they should feel like they're the big dogs in CONCACAF and I do agree, despite the last two matches, the pressure is on us to get a result tonight. The ghost of not qualifying for the last World Cup looms over the USMNT till we, hopefully, get through the Octagon. From there, I like our chances in the future.

I'll also say, I think you give US players and fans the option to have won twice over the summer or twice during qualifying, especially at Azteca, they'd take qualifying. Mexican players and fans almost certainly feel similarly.
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USA wins 2:0. First time since 1937 since either side has won 3 straight matches in a single year in this rivalry. Back then, it was 3 friendlies that Mexico won handily over a 2 week stretch played at a couple different venues in Mexico City.
For those who watched the match, Pulisic pulled up his uniform after he scored his goal but most at home weren't able to see what he had on the shirt underneath. Well now it's been found out what the shirt said:

This was in response to comments El Tri's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa said earlier this week about Mexico being the mirror in which the U.S. wants to see itself and wants to copy.

Shane Walsh

aka "Captain Oblivious"
Cynthiana, Kentucky
USMNT @ Jamaica getting ready to kick off shortly. Paramount + or Universo.
Weah with a beautiful run in the first to put us on top. Antonio answered for Jamaica with an absolute banger. USA on their heels now in the second half….
U.S. and Jamaica tied 1:1 this afternoon in Kingston. Another underwhelming effort from the U.S. and to be honest Jamaica probably should have won the match. They had a potential game winning goal late called back because of a questionable foul. And they also had a separate play where Jamaica had a player with a shot point blank from inside the six-yard box and shot it over the net.
Tonight's other CONCACAF scores:

Costa Rica 2:1 Honduras
Panama 2:1 El Salvador
Canada 2:1 Mexico

After tonight's matches, Canada is on top of the table with 16 points, the U.S. has 15, and Mexico and Panama are tied at 14 with Mexico ahead on goal differential for the final automatic qualification spot from CONCACAF.

Next round of qualifiers doesn't come until the final weekend of January. For the U.S., they'll have home matches against El Salvador and Honduras sandwiching a return trip to Canada that it looks like will be played in Vancouver.


lol @ Canada scheduling a match against Mexico in Edmonton in November. coldest match Mexico has ever played: wind chill of 5 degrees.