House of 'Paign TBT



House of 'Paign vs Jackson UnderDawgs (Peoria Civic Center - Tickets)
Saturday, July 24th
1:00pm CT

TBT Bracket
Anyone know how the seeding works? Just curious. I also didn‘t realize there was a bracket challenge for fans. Pretty awesome prizes of crypto! (Probably the only way I would ever own any. 🤓)


Heh, you’re right.

Still bet there’s also a rule. Pro or pro-aspiring players are ineligible is my guess.
Malcom Hill would have played if he hadn’t signed an NBA summer league contract, so no I don’t think there is any rule against it that I’ve seen.

Here are the rules:



Pittsburgh, PA
missing Feliz early. The team we are playing is getting a lot of offensive rebounds.. have to think that doesn't happen if he's on the floor