House of 'Paign TBT

Pittsburgh, PA
curious as to why DJ Richardson isn't on this team. know he was playing professionally as recently as a year or two ago and lives in Peoria. if we get through this round should add him to the roster for the next game
Pittsburgh, PA
we're getting punked a little bit so far and our players are taking it personally
Ordained Dudeist Priest
Johns Creek, GA
I'd like to see better offensive sets. So far it's whoever touches the ball first takes the shot.
LaTulip better light a fire in them during that locker room speech at half!
Feliz could help
For certain....Don't need Rice and Paul throwing air balls. Feliz would get them the ball where they could score. I hate seeing a player run down the floor, pull up for a three, and shoot an air ball or brick time after time....but that is what I am seeing. The Underdogs play well as a team, know what each other can do, and is winning most of the 50-50 balls by hustle. Illini do not seem to have a plan on offense and UDG's are really playing the heck out of defense.