House of 'Paign TBT

IMO, they lost this one on discipline, or more accurately the lack thereof. I saw the first half, and then again late in the 4th. Paign was very sloppy with the ball, and the defense, in the first half. Whomever got the ball was bringing it up the court. Some of them had high dribbles and did not watching for anyone behind them. The team did not learn after the first steal, or the second. On top of this, Paul dribbled into heavy traffic several times for no clear reason other than *he* was going to do something. On defense, the small guard on Paign (I did not recognize them) kept going under screens and giving Jackson free shots and passing lanes.

The only clear game plan I saw was high lobs to the low post for Egwu and Daum. Jackson covered them well.