Illini Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2024



Darrick Brownlow, Football 1987-90
Laura DeBruler Santos, Volleyball, 2007-10
Jannelle Flaws, Soccer, 2012-15
Robert Holcombe, Football, 1994-97
Herman "Pete" Velasco, Fencing, 1954-56
Nick Weatherspoon, Basketball, 1971-73
Frank Williams, Basketball, 2000-02
Gary Winckler, Women's Track & Field Coach, 1985-2008

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Spoon had a smooth high percentage jump shot from the corners. If they had a 3 point line back then his 20.9 Illinois career scoring average would have been even higher. Spoon averaged a double double with 20.9 pts 11.3 rebounds per game. Not bad for a 6'7" SF. Drafted 13th and made all NBA rookie team. Died way too early.