Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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Illini in OC

In. The. Alley.
Not to quibble, especially since I’m a great Combes fan and his storied historical perspective. I don’t argue he was great by the stated required standards, my sensitivities were arroused when you said he wasn’t great. Period. He was great as a program embassador, great as leader, great holding the program together during tough times, great showing others what toughness was when injured, and most importantly I don’t argue argue he should be in the rafters. I just choose to remember him as “great”
Thank you adog. This is my take as well.
I've had the tag line on my signature for months, knowing that Trent will probably never be up there.

In 10 years, I hope we continue to remember and honor Trent and DMFW as the guys who kept the ship afloat while BU was rebuilding it.
They cemented the tough, gritty, Every Day Guys ethos that all Illini players must buy into going forward.

The 1989 and 2005 teams had guys do the same things - but they also happened to be rafter guys (Kenny, Dee, Deron, Roger, etc.)

PS - We should probably also hang the jersey of the young woman who befriended Trent on social media before he got here
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