Illini in the NBA

Guys please post Ayo updates. Doing Christmas stuff today and won’t follow much.

Planning to go to my first Bulls game Wednesday as a Christmas present with my fam. Ayo is the reason of course. :)


Nature Coast in Florida
I personally have never watched much NBA basketball. It always seemed like you could skip the first three quarters because nothing interesting ever happened until the fourth. So it has been probably five years since I tuned in. I watched the Bulls versus Pacers because I saw Ayo bringing the ball up the court as I flipped through the channels.

Because of Ayo, it held my interest and I can see he has become a part of their eight-man rotation. He's made it there based on his defense.

Watching the game made me realize what Brad is working towards. Dribble drives that either score on a layup or if stopped a quick pass out to the perimeter to a wide-open sharpshooter. The Bulls shot an insane 47.8% from three. What it tells me is that when AC is back and doing his thing our already killer offense will put up a ton of points.