Illini merch at Homefield

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PSA: Cleanse your palate from getting served Mike's Way tonight by loading up on some new Illini merch at Homefield on Saturday. They also track sales on each school's launch date and compare them to each other, so if you want to lean into our fanbase's well-deserved reputation of being insane on the internet, get into the action while you watch us beat MSU.

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Well it is sports talk. It's not just basketball specific.
Maybe back off of the conspiracy talk a little.
Jersey Mike's is delicious.

I had no idea that this site existed, or why we aren't on there yet.

The Flying Illini shirt looks dope. I want.

A week and a half ago this picture was posted before the Purdue game and I wondered where that script Illinois hoodie could be found. Today, (I think) I got my answer... Dope Hoodie


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