Illini Volleyball

Ellie Holzman (now out for the season) was Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year in 2018-19.
Somewhat confusingly the Gatorade National Volleyball player of the Year award is not always given to the #1 recruit in the country. I don't mean to diminish the honor, but it involves a more holistic evaluation, taking into account high schools stats, service, personality and whatever else. It takes into account a lot more than talent and potential.

While Holzman was highly rated, she wasn't close to the top rated recruit. She was ranked #36.
Seems like its going to be a rebuilding/experience building year with a young roster. They definitely have had their moments though.

Ellie Holzman, former Gatorade Player of the Year who missed all of last season, is out for the season again after an ACL tear last week against Wisconsin. Huge shame, she was looking really good in the first few games and I think we could've had a better-than-expected season with her. Really feel for her after missing so much time the last couple years to have yet another season-ending injury.